Celebrating Trans Awareness Week –

A Message from Anna Pye, President of Trans Pride Australia

Hello everyone,

As we embark on Trans Awareness Week, I am reminded of the diverse range of stories, struggles, and accomplishments that make up our trans and gender-diverse community. This week is not only about raising awareness but also about recognising the resilience, bravery, and diversity of our community.

At Trans Pride Australia, we believe in creating a world where everyone can freely express themselves without fear, and in a safe space. During this week, let’s celebrate the progress we have made while acknowledging the work that still lies ahead. We are taking small steps towards building a more inclusive and understanding society.

However, we still have a long way to go. Many of our trans and gender-diverse family continue to face significant challenges, from discrimination and social stigma to obstacles in healthcare and employment. This week, let’s amplify their voices and experiences. Let’s educate ourselves and others about the issues our community faces and commit to being active allies.

We have witnessed remarkable changes and advancements, and this is a testament to the strength and determination of our community. Let’s use this week to spread love, foster understanding, and celebrate the beauty of being true to ourselves.

To everyone in the trans and gender-diverse community, know that you are seen, valued, and loved. To our allies, thank you for standing with us. Your support makes a world of difference.

Join Trans Pride Australia and other Key Organisations as we amplify voices and experiences of our community during Trans Awareness Week. Proud to be part of two events on Trans Day of Remembrance, November 20th.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil, organized by ACON, BlaQ, The Gender Centre, Twenty10, SWOP, Inner West Council and TPA 🕯️

            • 📅 When: Monday, 20 November 
            •     🕖 Time: 7pm 
            • 📍 Where: Marrickville Pavilion
            • 💬About:  A solemn occasion to remember those we’ve lost and to stand in solidarity against transphobia

“Runs in the Family” Film Screening, in partnership with Queer Screen and the City of Sydney 🎥👨‍👦

    • 📅 When: Monday, 20 November, 7-9 PM
    • 📍 Where: Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney
    • 💬 About An inspiring film that celebrates the journey of acceptance and the strength of family ties.

Let’s make this Trans Awareness Week a beacon of hope and a celebration of diversity. Together, we can build a world where everyone can be who they are.

With pride and solidarity,

Anna Pye

President, Trans Pride Australia