To Bring our float to life ….

The Kaleidoscope Float will be alive with the trans colours that will magnify and duplicate its surroundings, so those moving behind the Kaleidoscope are an amplification of the Celebration, showcasing their silver and gold costumes. Inside the Float, the mirrors will create a fractal effect. reflections on top of reflections, every movement, every dance move will create a dramatic and joyful space.

The Kaleidoscope has become a metaphor for who we are as humans. We are kaleidoscopes. Not simply for the inner beauty that can be found, but for the fact that everyone is different inside, a mixture of all colours, thoughts and ideas. One turn of a kaleidoscope can change your view, or the direction of your life. The trans community are resilient, adaptable, change makers, adjusting our vision to the new patterns, gathering multiple unique and individual dreams and amplifying them as fractured light, shining on the world.

The Mardi Gras gives our community an opportunity to be visible and share our lived experiences, and be part of a larger accepting, safe, loving rainbow family, where we celebrate who we are. Trans Pride Australia’s successful involvement in past Mardi Gras Festivals has demonstrated how integral the inclusion of Trans and Gender Diverse people is in the bigger ‘Mardi Gras’ rainbow is so valid. The TGD community has had a rough couple of years with the Discrimination bill & Sports debates around people in our community and as a community, are often the first in the LGBTQI+ community to be attacked in main stream media. The broader community often thinks they are allies and do not have the lived experience to understand the complex issues that most people take for granted and do not have to consider the struggles many TGD people face each day. Sharing experiences beyond the community helps with a better understanding, and Mardi Gras helps to Amplify positive visibility.