On the 9th of December, Trans Pride Australia President, AJ Brown was presented with a personal letter from Alex Greenwich, NSW State Member for Sydney, and a Community Recognition Statement as part as part of the
NSW State Government Legislative Assembly’s motion of support for the transgender and gender-diverse communities (passed on October 21, 2020).
Moved by Alex Greenich, Member for Sydney, the motion expressed support
and a commitment to the trans and gender-diverse community, specifically,
motion 6 stated:
Calls for the trans and gender diverse communities to be treated with dignity, fairness, respect and equality. The motion also commended community organisations which work in support of the trans and gender-diverse community. Motion 2 stated:
Commends leading organisations supporting the trans and gender
diverse communities including the Gender Centre, ACON, The Inner City
Legal Centre, Twenty10, Trans Pride Australia and Equality Australia.
Trans Pride Australia is and has always been an organisation which strives
to improve the lives of trans and gender-diverse people all across the
country, whether that be by organising events, sharing news, connecting
people from all different lived experiences to share their knowledge and
support, and also engaging with Government to help improve the lives of
trans and gender-diverse people at the legislative and parliamentary level.
Both the letter written by Alex Greenwich and the Community Recognition
Statement from the NSW State Government Legislative Assembly speak of
the tremendous impact Trans Pride Australia has had both at the community
and Governmental level and offer recognition for the hard work done by
everyone involved with Trans Pride Australia and, indeed, with Trans Sydney
Pride as the organisation began its life.

These statements shed light on the breadth of support for trans and gender-diverse people our presence in society evolves from being rejected, then misunderstood to being not only accepted and included, but actively driving
the transformation of our own image in society to one which represents us fully, in all of our myriad forms.

Full text of the motion & Alex’s speech is available here: https://www.alexgreenwich.com/
support_for_trans_and_gender_diverse_communities fbclid=IwAR0w8Rcf4XsLPjoVS7AwxU5EGfUz0DY1r1PtDJgvq9qgnT0OiRsmz3hA7cM