Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020


Lisa Freshwater

Concept Design
Finlay Long

Float and Costume Design
Kaylee Fornais

Construction Design and Manager
AJ Brown

Lighting and Sound Design
Sindy Crow

Christopher Horsey

Head of Choreography
Alicia Pace

The 2020 theme VIP subverts the standard trans and gender diverse (TGD) narrative – that of being discriminated against and marginalised – and instead have all our participants step into the role of Very Important People for the night.

TPA formed a working group to design and build our most ambitious float to date. The team worked on the weekends throughout January and February at the Mardi Gras workshop to build and deliver the float. It was a massive undertaking.

We were honoured to be nominated for Best Float Design and Ron Austin Award for Most Fabulous Parade Entry.

Working Group:

Leah Allen
Honey Blow
Nicole Garraway
Rachel James
Isabel Kenner
Carol Muller
Te Parkes
Atticus Santimari
Libby Sheehan

Dance Captain: Antoinette Monticelli
Music Mix: Victory Anthony
Driver: Nicole Garraway

Built at the Mardi Gras Workshop. Thanks to Jane, Liz and Kimme